Why We Should Not  Keep Matchbox Inside  Home Temple 

Post by TUB

According to astrology, it is recommended to abide by a few unique guidelines for the home's temple because it is thought that doing so will bring happiness and success to the home.

There are some unique guidelines in the temple, such as not displaying more than one deity idol, never pointing the conch shell in the wrong direction, and where the bell should be placed if one is there.

Do not keep matchbox in the temple even by mistake, it creates negativity.

Frequently, after using matchsticks to light a lamp, people scatter the burned match around the temple. It is advised against storing matchsticks in the temple because of this.

Although the location of the temple inside the home is regarded as the most sacred part of it and the deities are reverently worshipped there, keeping matchsticks there is unlucky.

Even if you maintain a matchbox in the temple, remember to store it in a locked cabinet rather than an open area and to not dump the burned match from it there after using it.

Burnt matchsticks attract negative energy and can bring bad luck to the house.

Keeping any inflammable material like matchbox or lighter in the temple of the house attracts negative energy.

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