American Food

 Which American Food is Popular in The World


American cuisine and culture are heavily influenced by burgers. They are a common ingredient in many fast-food restaurants.

Apple Pie

While burgers are recognisable and available almost anywhere, apple pie is probably the most traditionally American dish.

French Fries

Although potatoes are highly adaptable, many Americans would undoubtedly agree that french fries are their preferred method of cooking.

Hot Dog

In America, hot dogs are a popular food item at backyard barbecues

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing compares to biting into a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie or stealing a nibble of the uncooked dough while making them.


Pizza is another common American food that is served to big groups of people.

Fried Chicken

Another common food is fried chicken, which is available at many establishments like practically all supermarkets and eateries.

Grilled Chees

An excellent option for picky eaters is a grilled cheese sandwich. One of the most consumed foods in America, especially among kids.

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