Β What is Google Forms Β Β and Why use Google Β Β Forms for Survey

What is Google Forms

A free online tool for designing surveys and questionnaires is called Google Forms

Why use Google Forms for Survey

You've definitely used a few internet programmes like SurveyMonkey and SurveyLegend if you've ever attempted to create an online survey

Google Forms: Why Use It? Β It's an app that's easy to use, quick to finish, and convenient for users to respond to

With Google Templates, you may make countless free forms

One advantage of Google Forms for those who enjoy working together on spreadsheets and documents is that it offers Google's collaboration tools

Β Β Logic threading

You can avoid using awkward inquiry wording by using logic threading. Additionally, it guarantees that participants only receive the pertinent information they require

Receive Email Alerts for Google Forms Results

Β Β it Is mobile-friendly

The cross-platform functionality of Google Forms, which works on anything from desktop browsers to cellphones, is a crucial feature

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