Vastu Tips For Your Bedroom to Sleep Well With Positivity

According to vastu principles, the most suitable location for the master bedroom is in the south-west corner of the house.ย 

The north-east direction is not considered ideal for the master bedroom according to vastu. It is advisable to reserve this direction for a pooja (prayer) room.ย 

Vastu recommends avoiding the south-east direction for the master bedroom. This direction is associated with the element of fire (Agni), which might lead to conflicts and misunderstandings between couples.ย 

When determining the entrance direction for the master bedroom in line with vastu, it should preferably be in the north, west, or east side of the room.ย 

It's important to avoid placing the bedroom entrance door on the south-side wall according to vastu principles.ย 

Vastu suggests that single doors are more suitable for a bedroom entrance than double doors.ย 

Placing the master bedroom in the south-west corner is believed to bring about positive energy and harmony in the household.ย 

Since the north-east direction is considered auspicious, it's advised to allocate this area for a pooja room or prayer space.ย 

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