South Korea Ban on Import of Adult Sex Dolls

The import of adult-sized sex dolls is once again permitted in South Korea, according to regulators

After years of discussion on whether the government was meddling in people's private lives, the government finally made a judgement

The updated regulations state that customs will now permit adult-shaped dolls to pass through customs

however, dolls that resemble children are still not allowed

In South Korea, sex dolls are not prohibited. However, a BBC article states that thousands of them have been impounded in customs since 2018

The life-size sex dolls had previously been prohibited under a rule that forbids the sale of things that are deemed to be offensive to South Korean customs and morality

The court initially heard objections from importers requesting the lifting of the restriction and the release of the dolls in customs.

The ruling also permits importers to get their goods back from government storage.