Β Sonam Kapoor is Β so fit even after Β pregnancy told her Β fitness secret

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The way Sonam Kapoor after her pregnancy Has lost weight, everyone is surprised. Their You too can take inspiration from the transformation. Let's know how Sonam did after pregnancy lost weight

Sonam shares all the details related to her transformation. Share information on your social media handles are of. His fans are very fond of his new look. are doing. Let's know the secret of his fitness

Sonam included vitamins in her diet during pregnancy. A and potassium, fruits, fat free dairy products, Contains grains and proteins

Sonam shared her Pilates exercise video on social media . and she did Weight loss after pregnancy only through exercise

Burn extra calories by practicing this exercise .It is a good way to keep the body toned

Alignment in joints by doing Pilates exercises Motion and maintaining muscle balance helps. It also improves body posture

After giving birth to son Vayu, Sonam did workouts and exercises to stay fit and rebuild her figure. He did all this under the supervision of his trainer.

Any woman should avoid working out immediately after pregnancy. For this, you should first talk to your expert or doctor according to your condition.

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