How to Make Lachha Paratha Recipe

In a bowl, combine salt and whole wheat flour. Add 1 teaspoon of ghee to the little well you've created in the centre. With your fingertips, combine this until it resembles breadcrumbs

   Step 1

   Step 2

Slowly add warm water while kneading the mixture to create a soft, elastic dough. If necessary, add up to one tablespoon more water

   Step 3

Roll out a piece of dough the size of a golf ball into a thin circle. The better, the thinner

   Step 4

Apply a thin coating of dry atta or whole wheat flour over the ghee after brushing with a teaspoon of melted ghee

    Step 5

Making small pleats as you go, begin to pleat it from one side. This lengthened, pleated dough should be rolled into a ball after being stretched. To prepare lachha parathas, dusted it with flour and rolled it into a 5-inch round

   Step 6

Make a tawa heated all over. Cook the paratha for two to three minutes. Flip it once bubbles begin to appear

  Step 7

Place the partially cooked paratha straight over the flame using tongs, then cook it over an open flame, flipping it every few seconds to ensure it is cooked through

   Step 8

Apply ghee or butter once the paratha is crisp and golden brown. With your hands, crumple it up to uncover the layers. Serve warm

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