BMW x3

Let's know about the price and amazing features of BMW X3

If we talk about the price of this car Bmw X3, then the price of this car starts from 61.90 lakhs, which goes up to its ex-showroom price of 68 lakhs.

The front kidney grille has been nicely designed with chrome lining.

Its vents open and close according to the heating of the vehicle.

There are 2 LED head lamps, one with low beam and one with high beam.

It has 19 inch alloy wheels. Which is with the next level 4 by 4 which means that the tire will get the power it needs.

and Offers 485 boot space with electronic boot opening

Talk about the comfort of the rear sheet, you will get to see a very comfortable sheet and good leg space has also been given.

Inside it you will get to see all the features that you want to see in today's modern car.

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