Β Do not Eat Guava Β Even by Mistake in Β This Situation

Post by TUB

Guava is eaten with great gusto in the cold season. But, despite the many qualities present in guava, it is not considered good for some people. Those people may have to face many types of diseases on eating guava, let's know which people Guava should not be eaten

Guava can prove to be harmful for people suffering from diarrhea. Guava contains fiber which adds bulk to the stool which exacerbates the problem

If you are troubled by toothache, then avoid eating guava. Guava is hard. Eating this can increase your pain even more

In hypoglycemia, the blood sugar level becomes less than normal. If your blood sugar drops naturally, therefore, you should not eat guava

If you have the problem of bloating, then do not eat guava. It contains Vitamin-C and fructose which is difficult to digest.

Eating guava should be avoided before any surgery. It can lower the blood sugar level. This may increase the risk of bleeding

Eating guava is harmful for people suffering from diabetes. Its glycemic index is low due to which it should not be eaten

People suffering from cold and should also avoid eating guava in cold weather.

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