Be Self Aware Do Not This Mistake For 5g Network

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Friends Be Self Aware, cybercrime has become completely active as soon as 5G network comes. Because cases of fraud with users have been seen in many states related to this.

If you also have any message related to 5G network through WhatsApp or Email, do not click on it at all.

These messages can be completely malware related due to which your data can disappear completely.

To activate 5G network in your mobile, beware of such applications which assure you that your network will be converted into 5G.

Because you will not be able to get the benefit of 5G network until the facility of 5G network is available in your city.

If you have a Smartphone then there is no need for a new SIM to use the 5G network.

That's why you should be self aware from your side and beware of such incidents.

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