Avatar 2 Box Office Collection

is Avatar Hit or Flop ?

Avatar 2 by James Cameron is doing exceptionally well at the global box office.

Avatar: The Way Of Water made 200 crores in India in just 8 days.

After KGF 2, a James Cameron movie earns the third-highest box office in India

After earning Rs 192.75 crore in the first week, the movie continues to do well at the box office even in the second week

While the second weekend brought in a staggering Rs 59.3 crore

The movie may have another 100 crores in its coffers by the conclusion of its second week in theatres.

According to a Box Office India survey, India is Avatar 2's second-largest market behind China.

Avatar: The Way of Water is already the fifth-highest-grossing movie of 2022 internationally.

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